Are You and Your Body Magic? – 2

What if everything was magic?  How much magic is part of your life and you are not acknowledging it? Rather than looking at everything as though nothing is magic, what if everything was magic? We dismiss magic all the time. First of all, there are all the things we have decided we understand that have a logical, linear, or scientific theory to explain them. We decide that because they have a rational explanation and are part of everyday life, and because they are “commonplace,” they are not miraculous or worthy of wonder. Then there is the magic we hide or

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Are You and Your Body Magic? – 1

What is magic? Of the many definitions of “magic,” most exist in the realm of fantasy, not everyday life. But if you were willing to unlearn your definitions and know that magic is a part of your life right now, perhaps you could begin to see how much magic is everywhere, and you are simply not recognizing it yet. What if the movement of a hand is magic? What if every breath of your body is magic? What if walking is magic, talking is magic, and listening is magic? All these things that our bodies are capable of are magic—they

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The Secret of Having Money

What are the ways to create abundant living? I’ve been asked so many times what are the secrets of having money and success in life. What if there was just one? People have this idea that in order to have money, you have to be smart, intellectual or that you have to study hard. Is that really true or it’s simply the way this reality thinks about money? What if there was a different reality for you with money? What is your way of creating money? Are you working just for the money or to create a different future? What

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What if your first language is Energy?

What if your first language was energy? Does that sound weird to you? Do you wonder what I mean? Your mother tongue? What if it was not something you actually “speak” out loud? 😉 How a mother can exactly know what her newborn baby wants? Even without him saying anything as he doesn’t speak yet. Do you think it’s only intuition or some parent’s instinct? What about when you’re thinking about someone and he phones you at this very moment? What’s happening when you’re looking straight in the eyes of someone and you can perceive, feel something? What about non-verbal communication?

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I Hear You

I hear You. All of You. There is something loud about this world, about this time, right? I can hear it too. I know a lot still feel lost in dramas, traumas, anger, sadness, fear or guilt. I can hear thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the past surrounding you, threatening to overcome you anytime… I know. It can be hard or overwhelming. Yet here you are. YOU. Beyond all of that, beyond all the things you’re taking in lies your True Beauty, the Unique Gift that you are. I really mean it. I’m not saying that to comfort you. As

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Hug of Change

Old ruins and walls could be a place where we can create new possibilities. I’m so grateful to people with who we are creating it all over this planet and to all people who are doing Access Consciousness seminars and sessions. I’m so happy that we have intensive 7 days of Change in June in Jerusalem. The place where this planet, magic and possibilities are inviting us to have this classes and to start creating beyond separations and definitions. What if separations and definitions were never true and what if there is so many things connecting us? What if creation

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