Haris Omanovic

What is life?

Have you been wondering: What am I doing here? What is life? There are different realities coexisting on this planet. You can be part of artificial human realities and you can also allow yourself to be closer to this planet. People are somehow here and not here. You can choose to be more here. You can be something different with the Earth. What if something beyond beautiful was possible with this planet?

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Bring the Fun back!

Hey Dear Friends, So first of all, like I said previously, don’t focus only on clearings. Bring the pleasure back in your life and living. Start doing more of the things you enjoy, etc. To have fun, to fill your life with what pleases you most and what you desire, it’s simple but not always easy though. Be it and then make a step forward. Some exemples of what you can do: Pay yourself first and the bills after. Include more and more of what you like in your life instead of doing first and most of the times only

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Earth is celebrating your birth

Earth still remembers the day and the hour of your birth because when you were born, amazing being, it was a celebration. You came here and Earth changed, it started to be a different planet. All the flowers, all the trees, all the butterflies knew that you were here and they changed because of you. All the birds started to sing differently and in their songs you could listen: “This amazing being is here”. Even now you can hear the voice of Earth telling you: “Thank you for being here. Thank you for bringing this beauty, this magic. Thank you

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How can I be Earth?

What is Earth inviting us? Have you ever wondered? You are here on this planet receiving its beauty and Earth is grateful for this. What would it take to allow yourself to lose everything you are using to separate from it? All that is in your body that you are still keeping and it is not a contribution give back to the planet. You can say: “Earth, please, take everything that I am using to separate from you. Show me, how can I be you? How can we create together?” And you can open to this space of joy and

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What is Earth trying to show us?

There is something very interesting going on in the world at the moment: a virus is stopping the whole planet. What are we creating? What can we learn from this? Earth is asking us for something. We need to choose differently and we need to do it now. So, what can we be now that can change the world? What do you know? And, what if you know exactly what do we need to be now? You are this power and you can be it now. What energy, space, and consciousness can you and your body be to be the

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Are You and Your Body Magic? – 3

Begin to embrace your magic Magic begins when we give up the idea that we have all the answers, or we have limitations, and we start to wonder. To truly embrace a sense of wonder, you have to be curious and questioning. You have to allow yourself to be surprised. If you want more magic, it is simple: ask for magic to show up in your life. One question you can ask every day is, “What capacities and superpowers do I have that I haven’t acknowledged?” Another way to open up to more magic is by opening up to this

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