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Meet Haris

My whole life I wanted to change the world. My childhood dream was at least one day of peace on this planet,
one day without war, stupidities and insanities of this reality.


Now I know I am not crazy and that it is possible. 

I didn’t know how we are going to achieve that. I was quite in the mind and physical when I was a teen, so I thought we need to shake and wake up every person individually. It seemed utopical and hard work but that is who I am. Changing the world is my life! Later I chose to be a scientist, maybe with that I could improve people’s lives, I thought. And after that I chose to be an entrepreneur and to have a lot of money. With that I could have power to change lives of other people.

And then, a few years ago,
a woman said to me:

With energy we can change the world! She explained to me that change is more viral and it is about changing the energy of people. I said I am doing that no matter what. I didn’t know what is energy work, spirituality, personal growth and that all these classes exist. I saw myself traveling around the world and sharing positive thoughts. And I decided to go to all classes and seminars which could help me become better at it.

What future can you create
with the choice you make

Only a couple of months into it, I already had my own classes and since then I don’t have free time or vacation.

I am having classes all the time and I am looking for more also on international classes facilitated by other people. This is my life, this is my vacation.

I have had more thousands classes in last years and it seems that everything have just started.

I am enjoying life with doing Massage of 5 Continents classes all over the world and I am developing EarthFlow, which are life-changing classes about body magic, business coaching and relationships coaching.

We have changed so many lives and bodies in the last years and I know this is just the beginning.
New Earth is here! What is the Joy we can be with our body, other bodies, in relationships, in business, with our planet?

I have been creating with bodies worldwide for many years​!

Massage of 5 continents

UPCOMING CLASSES 4 days classes

Massage of 5 Continents

UPCOMING CLASSES 2 days classes




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