I Hear You

I hear You. All of You.

There is something loud about this world, about this time, right? I can hear it too.

I know a lot still feel lost in dramas, traumas, anger, sadness, fear or guilt. I can hear thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the past surrounding you, threatening to overcome you anytime… I know. It can be hard or overwhelming.

Yet here you are. YOU.

Beyond all of that, beyond all the things you’re taking in lies your True Beauty, the Unique Gift that you are. I really mean it. I’m not saying that to comfort you.

As a matter of fact, I listened the other day to a speech online. They said that scientists assessed the Odd of you being born at the time you were born, from these parents and with that specific DNA, etc. They calculated it… Drumrolls my friends. the Odd of you, being YOU are 1 : 400 000 000.

So next time you’re feeling insipid, telling yourself you’re invisible or less than anyone else in the world, I want you to remember this!

So you’re not average, you’re not normal, you’re a fucking miracle, you’re unique. You are precious and not because of what or who you are or do. Just because YOU are.

You have unique knowledge. Only you can see the world the way you see it. Only you can create things, spread ideas, gift and receive in the way you’re doing it. And the World need that. This planet needs al these talents and precious gifts to show up.

It’s a call. And it’s for You, it’s for each one of us.

A call for change. A call for something beyond these dramas, traumas that are seen everywhere on this planet.

A call to really see the true magic of living. Out of everything that was distracting you until now, the feelings and emotions, the “But”, the “What if”, the doubts, etc.

I’m choosing it every single second of my life. Greater. Beyond what I thought was possible. I’m choosing to explore, to let go of control and get out of my comfort zone. Beyond that is what I’m looking for. Beyond that is the life I desire. Beyond that is Me, You, Us.

I’m choosing it and I would like to invite you to experience it and create that with me for You, for us, for everyone.

Welcome home. Welcome in a Reality of Possibilities.

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