Hug of Change

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Old ruins and walls could be a place where we can create new possibilities. I’m so grateful to people with who we are creating it all over this planet and to all people who are doing Access Consciousness seminars and sessions.

I’m so happy that we have intensive 7 days of Change in June in Jerusalem. The place where this planet, magic and possibilities are inviting us to have this classes and to start creating beyond separations and definitions.

What if separations and definitions were never true and what if there is so many things connecting us?

What if creation of different future is connecting us? Would you like to create different future of this planet? What would you like to create?

What if it doesn’t need to be so significant if you are a muslim, jew, catholic or something else? What if you can be a hug? A hug, opened space, which could create something different?

For centuries people are creating separations and fighting, what if we can be questions: How can we leave together? What can we create together? How can we contribute to each other? How can we empower each other? How can we see each other beauty?

Thank you incredible being for your contribution.

More information about 7 days of Change with Haris Omanovic in Jerusalem, where he is going to have Access the Foundation and 3 day Body class is available here: Upcoming Events

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