The Secret of Having Money

What are the ways to create abundant living?

I’ve been asked so many times what are the secrets of having money and success in life. What if there was just one?

People have this idea that in order to have money, you have to be smart, intellectual or that you have to study hard. Is that really true or it’s simply the way this reality thinks about money?

What if there was a different reality for you with money? What is your way of creating money? Are you working just for the money or to create a different future?

What if money could be just a consequence of what you are creating and not the end result as to most of people? How to achieve this? The reality is that your body is very connected to your money…so it’s really a matter of ditching thinking and opening to your knowing  (which is way greater than you think it is) and listening to your body. If you do it, you open to a different embodiment which will also open you to abundance.

You open to abundance when you don’t need to work for money anymore

When you don’t work for the money or the need of money you are opening to a space where you have power and you don’t depend on outer sources to give you power. By being this space you will have the power to create the money you desire and also a different future.

So what if you stopped thinking and allowed your body to be alive? What is it that you know? What does your body know about creating abundance?

What if you know how to create the life you desire?

What if you know how to create too much money?

What if you know how to create a different future for this planet?

All you have to do is listen!

Find out more about money and bodies HERE

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