Be The Change with Problems!

Discover in this video how to be the change with problems, in a surprising live from jungle with Haris Omanovic!

Who said consciousness couldn’t be fun, light and joyful?

Are you putting all your energy, and all your effort to fix problems? To fill your or other’s people needs and lack of anything? Does it work for you? Is it creating more in your or their life?

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself about that particular matter, to step out of the loop of creating/solving problem, to step out of the polarity being right/being wrong :

What if we can step out from looking in what is missing?

How rational you are when you are looking what is missing? And what is wrong? What was a mistake?
Instead of what is possible?

What is that creating for your life if you look what is possible?

What if there are actually no problems?

You can step out of problems and you can create beyond that!

Are you looking for more?
Haris is also talking about that in another series ! Check this video Tool of the week : #Problems #Questions #Possibilities

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