Be The Change With Past!

Discover in this video how to be the change with past, from a pool perspective with Haris Omanovic!

Who said consciousness couldn’t be fun, light and joyful? 😉

How much are you creating your life from past or former experiences? From knowledges and “truths” people have teached you? From what the society, your culture, your country is affirming and communicating since almost 50 years?

Have you ever wondered what was beyond that? What are the possibilities, the future awaiting for you?

This video invites you to explore time and yourself in a different way.

Here are some of the questions you can use :

How much are you defining yourself from the past? As your past?

A lot of people think that they are something from the past so they are always trying to change it.

So What if you can be something totally new?

What would be available for you if you can be always somebody new everyday without you having to fix your past or change your past or past you?

And you can ask yourself everyday : How unrecognizable can I be today?

What if you are not from the past? What if you are from the future?

You can be the future you would like to create…

So Whatever shows up. Be You. Choose More.

Wants to discover more about Haris?

Click on the link to watch one of his free online class : Meet Haris Omanovic

In English and Chinese! Yes! From a pool in France to China, you never stop to travel in your Joyrney with Haris!

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