Me ? A song for the Earth ?

Me ? A song for the earth ?

Have you ever had the feeling that you are too small to be and have an impact in this world ?

“What will my little contribution change ? ”

Or maybe you have been trying and it seems like en eternity before you see a change around you …then you come to the same conclusion of being insignificant on this planet.

Well what if you are more then you think you are ? What if you are total magic and a beautiful space for the earth ? And what if you can be this magic just by being YOU !?

The way you smile,the way you speak, your unique voice that echoes through the layers of the earth … the way you move and create with your body…. and so much more! What if you are here to just BE …and by being you, you are the most precious contribution to beautiful earth ?

Can we be like the luxurious nature in Tahiti ? Growing, glowing, giving and reciving from all living creatures surrounding, receiving the amazement, the glorious praise of beauty.

Can you be it ? Can you receive these words ? Can you open up to yourself and sing your own unique beautiful song to the earth?

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