Bring the Fun back!

Hey Dear Friends,

So first of all, like I said previously, don’t focus only on clearings. Bring the pleasure back in your life and living. Start doing more of the things you enjoy, etc.

To have fun, to fill your life with what pleases you most and what you desire, it’s simple but not always easy though. Be it and then make a step forward.

Some exemples of what you can do: Pay yourself first and the bills after. Include more and more of what you like in your life instead of doing first and most of the times only the duties you think you have to do and that you hate, etc.

Things will start to change already by just reorganizing and putting yourself first in the line of receiving and enjoying 😉

Also, you can ask the question : What is the next step towards what I desire and truly enjoy being, living and doing?

This will change the energy and send the message to the universe (and also to yourself) : Hey this is what I truly want! so that it can reverse back your tendency to attract struggles instead of what you desire… 🙂

Play my beautiful friends 😉 And when you’re done. Play even more! 😉

What if we walk a part of Joyrney of our life together? What would that create for our lives, Earth, the whole planet?

Check out my next creations!

See you somewhere in the world 😉

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