How can I be Earth?

What is Earth inviting us? Have you ever wondered?

You are here on this planet receiving its beauty and Earth is grateful for this. What would it take to allow yourself to lose everything you are using to separate from it?

All that is in your body that you are still keeping and it is not a contribution give back to the planet.

You can say: “Earth, please, take everything that I am using to separate from you. Show me, how can I be you? How can we create together?”

And you can open to this space of joy and happiness.

How much energy of living can you invite now to your body? What orgasmic embodiment of this planet can we be now?

How can you contribute and receive from it? Interested to explore more?

JOIN US on the next Earth Call!

Haris Omanovic is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, 3 day Body Class CF and Creation of Millions Facilitator having classes with magical people all over the world. Read more HERE.

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