Earth is celebrating your birth

Earth still remembers the day and the hour of your birth because when you were born, amazing being, it was a celebration. You came here and Earth changed, it started to be a different planet.

All the flowers, all the trees, all the butterflies knew that you were here and they changed because of you. All the birds started to sing differently and in their songs you could listen: “This amazing being is here”.

Even now you can hear the voice of Earth telling you: “Thank you for being here. Thank you for bringing this beauty, this magic. Thank you amazing being. What can we play together?

And Earth still celebrates every moment since you were born and it will continue to do so because every day is a celebration of your birthday for the planet.

Thank you for being here.

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Haris Omanovic is a creator of EarthFlow and GAIAtouch having classes with magical people all over the world. Read more HERE.

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