What is Creation of Millions? FREE with Haris

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Creation of Millions classes empowers you to live your true potentials and to create beyond your understanding and imagination.

Haris Omanovic is creating these classes with people from all over this planet and almost every few days in another country.

We are organizing many evening classes, one-day classes and also 3 days class.

Creation of Millions 3 days is going to be close to Prague on 25-27 April!!!

We are going to explain more about these classes and event in Prague in this online meeting where we are also going to answer your questions.

Haris Omanovic is a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness®. He is facilitating Foundation, 3 day Body classes and Creation of Millions class all over the world.

Welcome to the sweet, joyful and inspiring living you know is possible!

This class is available in English, Czech, French, German, Croatian, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian and could also be available in your language. WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO PROVIDE TRANSLATIONS if there is at least 1 request/registration per available language 48h before the class. 

To follow the class you will need two devices: one to see Haris online, and the other to hear the translation in your language.

During the class, you will be able to ask questions on microphone or in chat.

You also will receive the recordings of the class as soon as it’s available.

Time & Date
18.02.2020 at 19:00 CET
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You can REGISTER in the application form. Once your REGISTRATION is confirmed, you will receive the link to attend the class on your email. Please check also SPAM and PROMOTIONS if you don’t receive it in inbox. Be careful to enter the correct email address in the registration form.

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