Mega Access Bars® Class

Let´s play unicorns ?!

The Access Bars® have completely turned our lives upside down in the most positive sense and we are, we openly admit, addicted to it
This day class is for those who are looking for more ease and joy in life, for those who want to get out of the box and for those who just want to play with us and have fun.
You receive two bars sessions and you give two, we explain the 32 points on the head that are the bars and give you a magical little toolbox that you can use to change EVERYTHING in your life, if you choose it. You also get a manual and a certificate.

Your Facilitators:
Lorelei Aeby is Access Bars® Facilitator, Coach, Translator and Life-Creator:
“I was alive, then the tools of Access Consciousness © found me, I found ME and now I live so well!
Is now the time to show you the way you are?
What will your life be like in 5 years if you now choose to be the gift that you really are?
How about giving this energy to you and the world?

Sophie Cerny is Access Bars® Facilitator, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Translator, Creative Director and Organic Olive Oil Producer. Influenced by a severe “incurable” illness she got rid of, she now believes in “miracles” and that ALL, absolutely ALL is possible when you make the choice. “Today I know that everything is possible and that all answers are within us, my greatest wish is for other people to see that they have the choice to change everything, to see what gift they are on this planet and I want to empower them with my facilitation knowing that they know! ”

Anja Staufenbiel is Access Bars® Facilitator, Easy-Business-Coach, Awareness Trainer and Lightmaker:
“My vision is to show people that they are successful when they are just themselves by easy change processes. Is now the time to create your life, that you really want?
What does it take for YOU to finally start your life? What does it take to bring ease, joy and fun into your life? ”

Berenice Tölle is Access Bars® Facilitator, Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy and Awareness Coach: “I love to see the sun shine in the hearts of my clients because they are just themselves. What if it’s easy and much less effort, what if you are a unique gift and the world needs you? ”

All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory® What do you choose?

This class is in German and translated into English and French.

Date Classe
September 26 09:30–17:30 CET
Check your local time
300€, repeater 150€

Booking this class

To book for this class you must first register on the Access Consciousness website. Following registration you will receive an email with payment information.



Sep 26 2019


9:30 AM - 5:30 PM


300€, repeater 150€


Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Allemagne
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