Massage of 5 Continents – Teacher’s class in Cairo

MASSAGE of 5 CONTINENTS is an amazing mixture of massages that revitalize your body and your life.

Is a global energy treatment that reconnects you with your life energy.

Receiving this massage detoxes your body, activates it, revilitates it, and you let go of all stuckness and open yourself to being alive.

Massage of 5 Continents is bringing refreshness and relaxation for both masseur and client. It’s also an amazing business opportunity and an incredible boost for your body and your relationships.

With 4 days Massage of 5 Continents class you become a teacher of 2 days class.

Learn how to do this massage with Haris Omanovic, who has been creating with bodies worldwide for many years.

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May 27 - 30 2022


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Haris Omanovic


Haris Omanovic

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