JOYRNEY – Simply Being Your Dreams

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If that class could be synthetized in just one question, that would be : What is YOUR JOYRNEY?

What are you seeking so fiercely everywhere?

How can you explore & receive more of your beauty, more of your capacities and more of the Joy and Ease you naturally are? To have a Journey filled with Joy, Your Joyrney!

On this online class, Haris, Pénélope & Claire are inviting you to discover your own Joyrney, sharing tools of Access Consciousness and their personal tips to create a life worth living with ease, joy & glory. Sweetness, space, kindness, joy and ease are available, is time for you to open that door and create more?

Haris Omanovic is a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness®. He is facilitating Foundation, 3 day Body classes and Advanced Joy of Business classes all over the world. Pénélope Foulquier is his Worldwide coordinator, she’s a CFMW and creates her  life with so much fun and Joy. She is also facilitating Bars, body process and online classes just for the fun of it! Claire Planchon is also CFMW, she is creative producer and translation coordinator with Haris’ company, Joyrney d.o.o. Together with many other creators, they are growing a company based on Access Consciousness® tools and Explore creation in a happy lifestyle way.

Welcome to the sweet, joyful and inspiring living you know is possible!

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Sep 21 2018


7:00 PM


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