Expand your Access® Business – 2 part class

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Space, Joy, Body, Nurturing, Creation, Fruition, Glory… What do you know about it?

What if you can also be, know, perceive and receive all of that and beyond when it comes to Business?

What have you defined as Business? What is stopping you from thriving the impossible and greater Business that is waiting for you?

Would you like to expand your Access® business way beyond all the points of views and lies you bought into? Be totally present with your creations? And RECEIVE? With total Joy, total Ease & total Glory?

On this two part online class, I invite you to discover all your beauty and magic, sharing tools and joyful tricks to activate the rocket of business that still lies within!

Is it time to thrive, enjoy living and creating more on this beautiful planet?

Haris Omanovic is a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness®. He is facilitating Foundation, 3 day Body classes and Advanced Joy of Business classes all over the world.

Welcome to the sweet, joyful and inspiring living you know is possible!

This online class will be simultaneously translated from English in your language.

Feel free to register anytime, whenever you’re registering, you will receive the replay of the past class(es) and link to join the class(es) to come.

To follow the class you will need to devices : one to see Haris online, and the over to hear the translation in your language.

During the class you will be able to ask questions on microphone or in chat.

You also will receive the recordings of the class as soon as it's available.


Date Classe
23/01/19 & 29/01/19 at 20h CEST
Check your local time
66 €

Booking this class

You can REGISTER and PAY in the application form. Once your registration and payment is confirmed, you will receive the link to attend the class on your email on the day of the class. Be careful to enter the correct email address in registration form.



Jan 29 2019


(CEST) Check your local time
8:00 PM


Haris Omanovic


Haris Omanovic
[email protected]
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