EarthFlow® Business Wizards 3 days online class with Haris Omanovic

Would you like to become a Business Wizard?

Business can be pleasure, business can be fun and with business we can create amazing things.

In this amazing class we learn together how to cruise your life, projects, and businesses in a way to create beautiful life and to enjoy it too much.

Yes, you can create your dream life. You can also create much more than that and what you can’t even imagine at the moment. Yes, it’s not only about money. Yes, we should learn this already in primary school.

Few main steps that we learn on the class:

  • How to create and grow your life and business
  • How to invite and create with people
  • Hot to create with the Earth
  • How to create the future
  • How to play with money
  • How to create with magic
  • How to shift and manipulate realities
  • How to have WOW life

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Let’s create something amazing together.

Haris Omanovic is an entrepreneur, and global creator connecting people from all over the world to be a change, inspiration and invitation to the beauty of living on this planet.


Mar 12 - 14 2024


2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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