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Feb 24 2021


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What is Earth… What is her gift?
What are you? What is your Gift?

What are you with Earth that you are not individually? What gift? What capacities? What awareness? What magic?

Did you decide at some point you will stay on Earth only temporary? What did that create in your life, in your body?

Is Earth calling you too? Is now the time that you start to create and enjoy on & with this beautiful planet?

“What if Earth was inviting you to something totally different? What about exploring that together?”

Join us in this online playing with Earth!

On this Joyrney, Haris invites you to discover how to play full out with the Earth. How to engage and commit totally with Earth, play, receive, know, be and perceive all the gifts, capacities, talents, abilities, beauty, magnificence, joy, glory and ease you can be with our amazing planet. Let’s create a future different for and with the Earth, now is the time to open to something different, beyond this reality.

Come with your questions. This program is not designed for you to listen passively, but to create dynamically with the Earth, with Haris. He’s more than eager to share with you what he’s aware of through all the energies you will bring and show with your questions in these calls.

Haris is already inviting you to connect more with Earth! 😉

Haris Omanovic is a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness®. He is facilitating Foundation, 3 day Body classes and Creation of Millions classes all over the world.

Welcome to the sweet, joyful and inspiring living you know is possible!

The price of this class is 44€. Earth Call is going to be every month for a year and you can buy all 12 classes for a special price of 360€.

This class is available in English and could also be available in your language. WE CAN PROVIDE TRANSLATIONS if there is at least registration per available language 48 hours before the class.

To follow the class you will need two devices: one to see Haris online, and the other to hear the translation in your language.

During the class, you will be able to ask questions on a microphone or in chat.

You also will receive the recordings of the class as soon as it’s available.

Booking this class

You can REGISTER and PAY in the application form. Once your registration and payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email. 1 hour before the class, you will get a reminder with Zoom links to join the class and listen the translation. Be careful to enter the correct email address in the registration form. Please check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS boxes and make sure that you are receiving our emails in the inbox and you won’t miss the zoom link and recordings. With inserting your personal data you agree that you are familiar with our data protection declaration:

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Feb 24 2021


Check your timezone
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM


Haris Omanovic


Haris Omanovic
[email protected]


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