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Are you interested in doing Magic with Business?

Would you like to receive Magic from Business?

What if you could receive tips from a man that has created Business and grow it worldwide while thriving and enjoying 100% what is doing?

How did he create his business? what tools is he using? How was it when he first started?

Is it possible to leap and grow a Business with total ease, joy and glory?

What if you could find out what YOU can do with Business too? Your way?

Is there Magic in your Business and Business in your Magic?

Let me help you, the answer to that one is yes, come and join us to find out yourself and what to do with it 😉

On this yearly program, Haris will every month share with you his experience and tools on how he went from what this reality teached him about Business and the magic is creating now everyday with, from and for Business. 

Come with your questions. This program is not designed for you to listen passively, but to create dynamically your Business life with Haris. He’s more than eager to share with you what he’s aware of through all the energies you will bring and show in these calls with your questions. 

Haris is already inviting you to more of You and more Magic! Open your eyes 😉

The price of a class is 55€… Aaaaaaaaaannnnndddd… Tadaaaaaa! If you choose to join the whole program and commit to fully play with your magic, you can have it for 264€. You are saving 396€!!! Impossible??? Haris’ second name 😉

Haris Omanovic is a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness®. He is facilitating Foundation, 3 day Body classes and Advanced Joy of Business classes all over the world.

Welcome to the sweet, joyful and inspiring living you know is possible!

This class is available in English and could also be available in this languages: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Romanian, Japanese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Italian, and Polish. IT IS POSSIBLE TO PROVIDE TRANSLATIONS if there is a request at least 48 hours before the class. For that, please contact our team: [email protected]

To follow the class you will need two devices: one to see Haris online, and the other to hear the translation in your language.

During the class you will be able to ask questions on microphone or in chat.

You also will receive the recordings of the class as soon as it’s available.

I am choosing to have a year of playfulness with Haris, Business and Magic. We started on the 25th of September 2019. This year we are going to meet also 23/10, 27/11, 17/12. Dates for next year will be known on time 🙂

Time & Date
Second class on 23.10.2019, 2.00pm CET
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I am joining the class on 23.10.2019 at 2.00pm:

Time & Date
23.10.2019, 2.00pm CET
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You can REGISTER and PAY in the application form. Once your registration and payment is confirmed, you will receive the link to attend the class on your email. Be careful to enter the correct email address in registration form. Please check also your spam and promotions. With inserting your personal data you agree that you are familiar with our data protection declaration: Privacy Policy

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Oct 23 2019


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2:00 PM


264€ Yearly / 55€ Single Class
Haris Omanovic


Haris Omanovic
[email protected]
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