SOP sessions & coaching on class locations with Haris

What more can you be that is beyond your imagination?

One-on-one sessions with Haris Omanovič enable us to strengthen ourselves, our bodies and start living a whole new life. Through personal life-coaching we become aware of ourselves, achieve emotional and psychological balance, renew our energy and begin creating our lives totally our way. We learn how to recognize what is true for us.

We open ourselves to being conscious in living our lives and take full responsability for the way we act and feel. We overcome our limitations and start walking a new path we choose for ourselves.

We recommend the sessions with Haris to everyone struggling with any difficuties of psychological, emotional, energetic or physical nature and also those who are not experiencing any problems,
but know that life can give them so much more, and want to make changes.

The main purpose of these sessions is to become stronger, and to gradually start living the most inconcievable life.

  • Life-coaching: Creating a new life your way with the help of Access Consciousness tools.
    We open ourselves to awareness, perceiving, recieving and co-existing.
    We become aware of and remove everything that could limit us.
    We learn how to use the tools and create in our everyday life.
  • Body pocesses & Access Bars: Awakening of the body, liberation,
    disolving barriers, regeneration of organs, body and life.
    Energy therapies are being executed on massage tables.
  • Energetic Synthesis of Being & Simphony of Possibilities; SOP Maestro:
    Unlocking nad setting free of the being, body and life.
    Opening to endless possibilities of existing.
    Therapy is executed on massage tables.
  • Joy of Business: Creating business with ease, joy of business, creation with awareness and percieving,
    removal of all limits about recieving, money and expectations.
    Business counseling. First steps in creating your business, how to develop your business, how to succeed.
  • Skype sessions: Life & business skype coaching sessions are not just about solving problems, they are also about creating life you desire.

Throughout the session we choose what is best for changes to happen and according to customer’s wishes. During or before sessions we recommend workshops that can help with achieving better results.

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