Joy of Business 101 with Haris Omanovic in Barcelona

Is now the time for adventure of business and living?
Joy of Business classes are totally unlocking you to create a life and business beyond anything you could ever imagined possible.

These are life-changing classes with enormous amount of incredible verbal processes that give you a way more freedom, new awarenesses and possibilities.

These classes were created by founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas and Access worldwide coordinator Simone Milasas and are continuously upgraded with the very latest processes and the tools.

The purpose of 101 and 102 JOB classes is to become the catalyst for change in creation of your life, open up for receiving, start co-create with people, allow yourselves to have money and start using money to create greater. What if business can be total ease? What if business can be total joy? What if business can be an adventure?

Joy of Business classes opens us up to a new way of creating life and business, your way!

What can you create in your life and business? What is possible to create with others? How much money could you have? Is now the time?

TIME: 26 March 2018
09:30 AM – 06:00 PM
LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain
HOSTS: Enric Vendrell Santasusana

PRICE: 450€ Global pricing applies