How to change your body? – online class with Haris Omanovic

A lot of people would like to change their body and they don’t know how to do itThey don’t like their body, they have maybe obesity problems, they would like to change body shape, they have some illnesses which they can’t change.

On this free online class we are going to open to more awareness how we create our body, how can we talk with it, how can we change different problems and how can we open to communion, joy and happiness.

Class is going to be facilitated by Haris Omanovic, Access Consciousness 3 day Body class facilitator. It is going to be in English and Portuguese, translated by Brasilian Access Consciousness facilitator Andria Souza.

With this class we are also presenting 3 day Body class with Haris which is going to be in Porto Alegre, Brasil from 15th to 17th of December. Hosts of this class are Marcia Elisa Medeiros and Andria Souza. More about this on page:

Time&Date: Monday, 20th November on 8pm Brasil time, 11pm Paris time.

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