Host Haris Omanovic in your City!

What can we create together?

Haris Omanovic is Access Consciousness, Advanced Joy of Business, 3 day Body class Certified Facilitator and SOP Maestro.

He can facilitate different Access classes:

  • Access Bars,
  • Body processes class,
  • different evening classes,
  • Joy of Business 101 & 102,
  • Access The Foundation and
  • 3 day Body class.

He can have also personal sessions: life-coaching for all areas of life and also SOP sessions, energetic sessions, body process sessions on massage table.

Haris is almost every weekend in another country and he is enjoying with magical people on magical places and all the time asking for more and creating more with bodies, with the planet and in whole life of participants of the classes.

If you are interested to host him in your city, send us email to

More about Haris is available here on his About me page. Check all his classes here.