My body is talking to me! – online class with Haris Omanovic

What if embodiment can be something totally different? How can it be joyful, playful?

Are you willing to have a happy body?

Inspiration for the title of this online class are words of our host of a place in Avignon where we had Body class. While we had coffee and breakfast in the morning after the class she said in French: ”My body is talking to me now!” Since than I am often recalling her words with gratitude for changes we are choosing and creating.

Yes, we can be something different. Yes, life can be something else. This is what we are creating with this online class, with Body classes and with other Access Consciousness classes.

Join us in exploring what else is possible.

What if everything is talking all the time? Earth, your Body, Life… Are you willing to listen? What can life be if you allow yourself to hear? What if everything is inviting you today to happiness and joy?

This online class is going to be facilitated by Haris Omanovic, 3 day Body class CF. It is going to be in English and translated into French.

Next Body classes with Haris: Ljubljana, Paris, Zagreb, Annecy, Porto Alegre, Tahiti, Nantes, Mersin, Montpellier…
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Time&Date: Thursday, 16. November, on 9pm Paris time
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